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What Makes Us Different

Distinctive Qualities

Our clients are the reason we are here. Serving them with the utmost integrity has always been job one! We make every effort to place the needs of our clients above those of our firm and employees. Our clients’ best interests are at the center of all our decisions and are protected to the best of our abilities. Over the years, we have served as financial bodyguards for our clients by protecting them from nefarious individuals and unwise financial decisions.

At FFS, Inc, you will always speak with a live person whenever you call during normal working hours. We strive to return all phone calls within a four hour block of time.


Performance is the scorecard of our work and is tracked for each and every account. We now have 24 years of performance statistics that are examined by an independent third party. Open and closed account returns are combined by investment objective to generate our composite returns. These returns are reported along with a benchmark of excellence, following the guidelines set forth by GIPS®. For an understanding of GIPS and its importance click here.

We are quite pleased with the long-term performance of our clients’ accounts and how they compare to appropriate benchmarks.  Performance statistics are available upon request.


Specialists are important in our complex global economy. Just as specialists exist in medicine, so too do specialists exist in the financial services industry. For example, you would not go to your general doctor if you had a brain tumor. A prudent person would seek the expertise of a qualified brain surgeon. The analogy applies to one seeking to have their investment portfolio reviewed and managed. Why would one go to a generalist, such as a financial planner, instead of a specialist, full-time investment manager? During 1993 our firm evolved to full time investment management.


Expertise of the employees at our firm includes a Master of Science in Management (i.e., MBA). Our employees have also been quoted in numerous periodicals and publications. We have served as expert witnesses in arbitration proceedings against stock brokers that have wronged others.

Cost Effective

On June 30, 1988, Fischer Financial Services, Inc. began its corporate existence as possibly the only totally “fee-only” financial planning firm in Central PA.  Over the years the firm evolved into a “fee-only” investment management firm.  We still guide our clients to their financial goals, but do that as a part of our asset management fee.  We no longer charge an hourly rate for planning.


In the unlikely event we make an administrative error with a financial cost, we pay for it!


Finally, we strive to treat every client as family. For the clients who have been with us from the early 1990’s, a special relationship has developed that we value and treasure.


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Past performance is no guarantee of future results.