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Investment Management for Institutions & Individuals

Fischer Financial Services, Inc. is an independent investment management firm serving clients across the United States of America. The firm specializes in investment management for institutions and individuals and is a “Registered Investment Adviser” with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. On numerous occasions, Fischer Financial Services, Inc. has earned national recognition for outstanding performance in the Large Cap Growth Universe.

Mission Statement

To protect our clients’ best interests by faithfully managing their investment accounts with the utmost integrity.


The bottom line of professional Asset Management, Investment Management, Money Management, and Portfolio Management is how much the manager grew the client’s portfolio over the past year, 3 years, 5 years, and 20 years.  Few, if any of our competitors, have 20 years of actual investment performance statistics for all of the accounts they manage; let alone being GIPS compliant and examined by an independent verifier.  At Fischer Financial Services, Inc. we have lifetime performance statistics which we provide to prospective clients.  Client investment performance and service are always job one at the firm.  We challenge any of our Central PA based competitors to match our lifetime performance.  Fischer Financial Services, Inc.’s performance statistics are available upon request.

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